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Lending doesn't have to stop in Retirement, 
Later Life Lending now available!

Did you know the Society has launched a range of Retirement Interest Only mortgages that will provide options for new and existing members looking to borrow into retirement?
The new RIO range is ideal for your clients who are seeking opportunities to lend into retirement. Your client remains in control of their mortgage and finances, whilst still enjoying their retirement years.

The range offers new and existing members a discounted rate off Standard Variable Rate for the lifetime of the mortgage and is available for purchase, remortgage and existing MBS mortgage borrowers. 

Some of the features and benefits of our RIO mortgages

* Existing RIO borrowers will be able to port their RIO mortgage if they move to a new home, subject to lending criteria and a suitable property.
* Can be used to fund a deposit for a child's house purchase. Additional borrowing subject to application, eligibility and affordability.
* RIO can provide older borrowers flexibility and lifestyle options they may seek. 

Click here to view our range of Retirement Interest Only Mortgages.

If you’d like to talk to us about any cases or have any queries, we’re happy to help. Contact us today on 01633 844 380 or email brokers@monbs.com.


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