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Please note, the affordability calculation will be fully assessed including debt to income ratio when the application is submitted and underwritten. If any applicants are retired, please call the Society on 01633 844 380 or via email brokers@monbs.com to discuss affordability.

The only applications required to be submitted via paper are:

- Amendments to an existing members mortgage (porting, further advance & transfer of equity)

View our Mortgage Bulletin to see all our current products and rates: 

Please view our Lending Criteria for further information on all our mortgages:   

Please contact our dedicated Broker Helpdesk or BDMs to discuss any cases prior to submitting any applications.

They can be contacted on:   
- Helpdesk telephone 01633 844380 or email brokers@monbs.com 
- Jamal Kroll mobile 07795 514691 
- Michael Saunders mobile 07864 979982 
- Caroline Barrett mobile 07701 373417

Thank you for your continued support to the Society  


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